Saying NO means saying YES to something else!

Are you always on the go? It seems every time we turn around we are being invited to attend, host, or volunteer at something. Balancing family and social activities can seem overwhelming and then throw health and fitness into the mix and it just seems like there is not enough time for everything that needs to be done. How do you do it all? Where is the healthy balance that you long to find? The se... Read More »

Intentions & Transitions

Believe it or not, we are exactly half-way through the 2014 year. Now that is scary. If you step-back exactly 6 months ago, many of you were filling out your “Annual Roadmaps & Strategic Plans” for the year. At the very least, I bet you set some strong intentions and goals for your year. Maybe your goals dealt with your career. Or finances. Or improving your health. Or dream vacat... Read More »

Small Group Personal Training at Tulsa Fitness Systems!

You probably already know that I take continuing education very seriously and everything we do at TFS has a purpose and meaning and we don’t do things out of randomness or generic or outdated programs that are so common in our industry. And with that said, one of the newest and most exciting things we’ve started offering at TFS is Small Group Personal Training. We’ve been offerin... Read More »

Strive For Greatness

Be better today than you were yesterday. Each day of your life provides you with an endless number of opportunities to demonstrate commitment, character and focus to showcase your greatness and get better. You just have to give up the comfort zone that can hold you back. Results and greatness comes from a consistent daily desire to improve. Your success will not be measured by how many days you ge... Read More »

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and we’ve had great workouts at TFS all this week to ring in 2014! I’m very excited about the possibilities to make 2014 a hugely successful one and hope you are too! In honor of the new year, I want to share a couple “Coach’s Tips” to help set us all up for success for 2014- Become your biggest Champion! Shut down any negative voices of self-dou... Read More »

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

We all know the saying, “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” so we prepare and plan for everything in life. Our calendars seem endlessly filled in with things to do and upcoming events. From kid’s activities and family events to work conferences and meetings, sometimes it seems there is no end in sight. However, there is one area we sometimes forget to plan for and that is our health. Often times we set h... Read More »

Tulsa Fitness Trainer Shows You How to Stay Fit While Out of Town With A Quick and Easy Travel Workout

From the desk of Clint Howard, Tulsa Fitness Trainer: With summer being in full swing I know it’s also the time of year many folks are taking vacations and traveling. I’m actually heading out to Destin, FL tomorrow for a family vacation myself. And yep, I‘ll certainly be getting in some workouts while I’m there. When you’re out of town you need a workout plan that’s quick, easy to follow, and effe... Read More »

Tulsa Fat Loss: Being A Car Potato Piles On Pounds

Tulsa Fat Loss: Did you know that your daily commute could impact your health? That’s the message of a recently released University of Illinois study that links frequent car use with the climbing obesity rates in this country. There is no doubt that we are a car-centric society. We drive everywhere, even distances that could be easily reached by walking. That’s just part of our lifestyle. What mak... Read More »

5 Breakfast Ideas

Are you starting every day with a healthy breakfast? I was a guest on FOX23 News yesterday sharing my “5 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas”. Check it out and see which ones you like best! Read More »

Fitness Secrets of Olympic Athletes

With the 2012 Summer Olympics in full swing, there’s no doubt that people are talking about the hottest Olympic bodies and how they get them and how Olympians train and workout. Olympic-hopefuls do extensive training programs to ensure they are in top shape to compete. While Olympic competitors are the best in the world, there are several “secrets” of Olympic training that can boost any fitness pr... Read More »

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