Do you want to lose weight and burn fat 9X FASTER with a scientifically proven weight loss program that is GUARANTEED to work?

Join Tulsa Fitness Systems and be on the cutting-edge of fitness while you tone your body, increase energy and lose weight!

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From the desk of: Clint Howard
Tulsa Personal Trainer


Dear Friend:

If you live in the Tulsa area then I’ve got the GUARANTEED fitness solution just for you!

My name is Clint Howard and I’m the founder and director of Tulsa Fitness Systems. I’ve worked with thousands of people like you who have struggled to lose weight and gain better health.


  • Are you afraid your weight is going to cause you to have poor health later in life?
  • Is your self-esteem gone because you don’t look good in your clothes and don’t feel confident about yourself when you’re out in public?
  • Are you experiencing aches, pains, depression, and loss of energy?


Tulsa Fitness Systems is the ultimate fitness and fat loss program utilizing our exclusive fitness training system. Our scientifically-proven rapid fat loss and nutrition program will transform your body in ways you never thought possible.

Our revolutionary metabolic interval training system is proven to burn up to 9x more fat than ordinary exercise programs! And you’ll have a blast doing it! Our group personal training boot camp programs are designed for men and women of all fitness levels who want efficient and effective workouts.

True fitness is about achieving long-lasting results and having fun while exercising. If you have pain while exercising or your excess weight is keeping you from moving freely and comfortably, then you haven’t achieved true fitness.

A main goal of ours at Tulsa Fitness Systems is to ensure that you not only look better but also FEEL better.

We want you to see results as well as make your body “unbreakable” and bulletproof you from any potential activity-related injuries or pain.

To get your body working and feeling like it should again, you need an exercise program that gives you the right intensity and that’s safe and effective. You need Tulsa Fitness Systems!



This is your guaranteed fitness solution!


My wife, Kara, and I started Tulsa Fitness Systems, an upscale 5,000 square ft fitness training center, because we recognized a need that wasn’t being fulfilled in the fitness industry. Having being in this industry for 12 years, we became increasingly frustrated at the poor standards that are typically seen. Quite simply we became sick and tired of clubs and gyms where sales numbers are more important than member results, personal training standards are ridiculously poor and good training programs and qualified instruction is almost impossible to find. We set out to create the solution. And we did.

We believe we have the best fitness training facility in the Tulsa area with the most knowledgeable and friendly staff of personal trainers, the most cutting-edge training methods, and a clean and comfortable facility.

Our state-of-the-art fitness facility features all the hottest, cutting-edge exercise equipment such as kettlebells, TRX Suspension Trainers, battling ropes, resistance bands, med balls, slam balls, sandbells, and other fun, different equipment.

Incorporating these training tools into our program allows for total body metabolic boot camp workouts that combine the muscle-building benefits of strength training with the fat-burning benefits of interval training. This guarantees you get the biggest bang-for-your-fitness-buck! And have lots of fun while doing it!

Now- I’ll be clear: our group personal training workouts are fast-paced and challenging. However, there are no cookie-cutter workouts here. Each and every client is taught the appropriate exercises that best match their current fitness level so you can be challenged, but not overwhelmed.


Our 3-Level group fitness program is unlike any other program you’ll find and accommodates every person’s individual needs. Every exercise in our Tulsa personal training program has 3 levels of progression and regression options depending on your current fitness level.

Although some people who come to us are already in good shape, many people who walk through the doors of Tulsa Fitness Systems are out of shape and start at Level 1 then advance forward. That’s our goal! We want to see you succeed and reach all your health & fitness goals!


Scientifically Proven to Burn Fat and Shed Weight 9X Faster!


Let’s make this clear. We’re not here to just try and get you tired with the same old boring routines done over and over again like most other fitness programs. No one is going to be counting reps and marking them on a clip board. No matter what fitness level you work in you’re going to exercise effectively and burn fat in a fun, upbeat, high-energy environment!

Here’s the Tulsa Fitness Systems difference…

Each month consists of a 4-week phase with a total of 12 workouts per month. As you master one exercise level, you move up to the next, more challenging level. And even if you continue in the same level, you’ll never get bored. We completely change the program phase and workouts each month to keep them fun, fresh, and invigorating, no matter what level you’re in.

But it’s more than that. By continuously changing up the workouts, your body will always be stimulated and never get used to the same routine. That means you’ll never hit a dreaded plateau and you’ll continue to burn fat and lose inches like clockwork. In fact, our cutting-edge metabolic interval workouts have been scientifically proven to burn fat 9X faster than other fitness programs. Our program incorporates the advantages of a Tulsa boot camp and cross-fit without the high risk of injury. We also incorporate pilates and stretching in our workouts.


A New Era in Fat Loss Programming!


We won’t just tell you what exercises to do. You need to know why you’re doing them. For every new 4-week phase each month I’ll give you the “method behind the madness” of how this particular program phase is battle-tested and proven to turn your body into a fat burning furnace!

At Tulsa Fitness Systems you’ll…

  • Perform scientifically designed metabolic workouts that burn fat 9X faster than any other type of training program
  • Supercharge your metabolism for up to 48 hours post-workout
  • Blast stubborn body fat in all those annoying trouble spots
  • Tone and tighten your entire body
  • Make your body “unbreakable” and bulletproof of injuries
  • Dramatically improve strength, energy levels, and performance
  • Look and feel much more attractive and confident
  • Have lots of fun!

And you’ll accomplish all of this and get into the best shape of your life with only three 40-45 minute express workouts per week.

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Are you ready to take a step forward using our cutting-edge fitness training program that is scientifically proven to turn you into a fat burning machine? If you are, then call Tulsa Fitness Systems today at 918-296-7418 or fill in the contact form below.

Pain free exercise and guaranteed weight loss is just a step away. I’m waiting for you to make that first step and join us!

If you’re ready to start looking better and feeling your best in everything you do in life… we’ve got you covered!

Get ready to change your body… and your life!

Committed to your success,

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Clint Howard

Tulsa Personal Trainer

P.S. You won’t find another Tulsa boot camp and personal training program that gives you cutting-edge fat loss techniques that are guaranteed to bring you results! A new era in fitness and fat loss has begun. Are you going to be a part of it? Register with Tulsa Fitness Systems now to get started!


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